Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Zulu Dawn (1979)

For me this was the movie that sparked my interest in Victorian Colonialism. I was nine years old when I first saw this movie, and right away I wanted a Pith helmet and a red coat. I thought the Zulus were very interesting as well!

***I removed the other parts of the video to make it easier to load this post***


  1. I actually own a pith hlemt. Replica, of course, and no brass plate - not typically worn in the field, you know.

    And for me, it was the movie Zulu and the book The Peshawar Lancers that got me interested in colonials and VSF as a gaming project. Add in the Barsoom novels by ERB from my junior high days, and she's done for.

  2. Nice! I should check into getting a pith helmet. Zulu is also a great film, but I haven't checked out the book The Peshawar Lancers, I'll add that to my list. Thanks for the recommendation!