Thursday, February 10, 2011

Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan

"Whether they will or no, Americans must now begin to look outward." - Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan, USN, December 1890

This quote by the famous Cpt. Alfred Mahan was upon the completion of the first American Aethership, and the ambitions of the many great powers of Earth on Martian expansion.

Mahan being one of our greatest sea tactician of our times, and author of "The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1805", turns his eye towards securing America's future in space and beyond. The Martian landscape is a prime target for intergalactic commerce and exploitation. Germany has been the first power to colonize Mars, with England close behind. America must also look to the stars if it is to compete and prosper in the ever growing expanse of the universe.

"The Milky Way can be entered and controlled by a vigorous contest," said Cpt. Mahan. "Eyes outward, instead of inward only, to seek the welfare of the country."

President William McKinley has currently convened a summit on the Martian strategy, in which Cpt. Mahan will be his top advisor.


  1. I like this. A great twist on history and the right attitude for America!

  2. This is right up Mahan's alley. I should have thought of that, but I am more Anglo-centric in my VSF-ing, I suppose. Not an uncommon error.

  3. I agree with Eli. This is a great twist!

  4. I went with the U.S. mainly because it's not done as much. That and I love the Roughriders!