Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spanish American War by Tiger Miniatures

A couple of days ago I came across another manufacturer that does Spanish American War minis in 28mm, Tiger Miniatures. They look like they have a lot of character and are well sculpted, plus they actually have mounted cavalry miniatures (something that isn't seen often for The Roughriders, oddly enough). I emailed their U.S. distributor, Recreational Conflict, and asked how they measured up to Old Glory Miniatures and they sent me an image with a size comparison.

(1st from the right is Old Glory, Copplestone, Tiger Miniatures, Wargames Foundry)

In addition to the Roughrides, they also have some nice German Colonials as well! If you get the chance you really should check them out.


  1. These looks good, if you want to do 28mm. For smaller skirmish engagements they might be nice to have.

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  3. I like both 15mm and 25/28mm, so I'll probably use both scales. These figs kind of scream out, "Paint Me!"

  4. Yeah, I do the same thing (multi-scaling). I think I mentioned previously that I am using SpanAm Americans for my Texicans in VSF. I haven't gotten around to doing them in 25mm, but these figs may fill the role well. I'll look forward to seeing them painted up!

    A side note: one reason you rarely see mounted Rough Riders figures is probably the fact that the US didn't have horses in Cuba. Well, not many, at any rate. The Rough Riders mostly rode on shank's mare.

  5. Yeah, they charged San Juan on foot. I still want more mounted troops though for my army, after all most of the R.R. were cowboys.

    I can't wait to see more about your Texicans! Texas has a special place in my heart, I almost moved there a couple of years ago but my plans fell through.