Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Askari Miniatures

I might be slow on the draw but I just discovered a great miniatures company called Askari Miniatures! They only produce 28mm, so you 15mm fans probably won't take notice. But those of us who bounce back and forth between scales will really like these. At least from the pictures, these look really nice. The proportions were so well done that I thought these were 1/72 scale models (in my opinion this scale seems to have the best body proportions).

Askari produces colonials from The French Foreign Legion:

Italian Colonials:

Spanish Foreign Legion (my personal favorite):

These could almost pass for Rough Riders!

PLus they carry Turks, Russians, North Africans, and Pulp Personalities! If you haven't had the chance you really should check them out!

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  1. Askari has some great stuff that nobody else offers. I've been looking at their stuff for a while, but as I don't usually play in 28mm haven't ordered yet.