Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Island Militia

In my alternate history version of Hawaii, individual regional nobles are responsible for maintaining their militias. This is a holdover from the not so distant past of Hawaii where Kamehameha handed out land to his various warlords for stewardship.

The gamer meta-decision to do this was to add some variety and spice to my Hawaiian forces and keep the army from being boring to collect and paint. As such, I have been trying to track down interesting figures that can pass as island militia and I think the above gents will work nicely.

Though I do not have a positive ID on them, I do know they are Minifigs. They are nearly naked, wearing simple kilt-like skirts. they have an odd sort of pill box hat on their heads and an ammo pouch at the hips.



  1. I thought they looked like Minifigs. I think they might be Greeks, but I'm not positive.

  2. I am pretty sure they are not Greek. Memory is trying to tell me they are from some African conflict.